Who we are?

We are a team of creative and cheerful teenagers willing to write and share their knowledge within the realms of online video games. Currently, our journey goes along the roads of Roblox and Minecraft. These are the two best games that can be played by any person all around the world. In our journey we learn new things and as a journal we decided to open a blog where people can read and react to our content. We are altogether working in an online environment. We live in different countries and continents. For some of us English is our native language. Others are using this blog as a means to improve their overall English skills.

Why We De Do This

Sharing is carrying. It is not enough to share among our team the accumulated skills. We are considerate and we want to share with as much gaming fans. This is what really motivates us. To be empowered to touch other people with our experiences. Learning new skills for ourselves whilst other benefiting from us sharing them. Why we choose these particular games? There is no better time to live. Having games such as Roblox and Minecraft is truly a reason to be grateful for. It is advancements like these that help develop new groundbreaking concepts in games. Roblox and Minecraft, and other games as such have broken the rules of a successful game. Compared to conventional mainstream gaming, these are the games that have actually been proven to increase the overall brain capacity.

Roblox and Minecraft are never ending games where a lot of content is created by the very users that play it. This connects the players on a more deeply engaging level, whilst, simultaneously enhancing the creativity of everyone involved in the process. In Roblox and Minecraft, you make the game! And this is why these are, broadly accepted, the best games ever made.

What You Will Find Here

On www.hesperia-mud.org you will discover on a regular basis new ways to play Roblox and Minecraft – What are the best Roblox Games? What are the best Minecraft Games? Which is better? Best Similar Games? How to Earn Freebies? – These are the kind of topics we will be discussing. And you are all invited to participate by using either the Contact section, either the comments section of each post. Questions that are on everybody’s lips we will be further discussed and dissected to the last layer.

However, the most wanted topic by far is concerned on how to earn robux in roblox. We are constantly trying new ways to gain free robux. Having free robux in roblox is one of the most wanted wish for 90% of the roblox players. Whilst there might not be easy traditional ways of hacking, there are definitely more than one way to actually earn free fast robux. These will be discussed in the upcoming posts in brief detail with the thought in mind that it will engage and entertain as much people as possible.