3 Best Building Games Similar to Roblox

Don’t you love games that are in an open World and you can do whatever you desire to, freely? Well, ROBLOX is one of the most fantastic building games but there are marvelous alternates for ROBLOX as well such as:

1) Minecraft

2) Terraria

3) Cubelands

Gameplay and in-game features:


minecraft logo

Minecraft was released by Microsoft on October 7 of 2011 and ever since the developers have brought about new updates with stunning new features and graphic changes. Although “Minecraft” does not have breath-taking graphics, its art style is stunning and many Youtubers also love the game.

Minecraft has an open World in which you can roam freely, explore new areas, go fishing or find food to stay alive (more like hunt for animals) and try to get valuable minerals through the process of mining and using a “furnace”.

The main goal is to make tools firstly from Wood by chopping trees with your bare hands. Then craft Stone tools by the help of the “crafting table”. Advance up to Iron, Gold and then finally Diamond.

Enchant your weapons to get stronger and make armor. The best thing about minecraft is that you can also tame wild animals and farm to get food!

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the internet and people love playing it. The last and most scary part of Minecraft is that, at night time several types of “Monsters” come out to try to kill you and rule your World so you have to defend yourself as well.


terraria logo

Terraria is much like Minecraft. It was released in May 16, 2011. Terraria is an RPG game with lots of adventures and it involves construction, crafting, destruction and horrible enemies (Creatures). Terraria require you to be creative as well as strategic. Terraria is a fantastic building game with tons of game play features and possibilities for you to discover.

Terraria is very addictive and once you play the game you crave for more. It is 2D with awesomeness filled inside it and gamers have patiently been waiting for a game like this to come around so they can let their inner artist come out and start building!


cubelands logo

Cubelands, a game released on the 10 of October 2010. It has been competing with Minecraft and Terraria for many years. Cubelands is a browser-based flash game with rich graphics and features which makes it popular among teenage and mature gaming fans all over the World.

It is a 3D game in which players can construct anything from a wide building to cities. Creativity and Imagination are a vital part of the game and play an important role (as there are no limits to the structure of a building and it all depends on the player).

If you want to express your feelings and have a great imagination then this game is definitely for you. Players can build anything they want, whenever they want and however they want to. There are no limits to creativity so sit tight and enjoy the ride.

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