Roblox VS. Minecraft – Which One is Better?

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In this article, you will read about the comparison that you may want to know about these two famous building games in terms of kid-friendliness to creativity. For those of you who have kid that plays Roblox, he will know Minecraft sooner or later and vice versa. It happens because these two games come with a lot of similar features. Both of these games allow you play for a couple of hours and meet a lot of other players, and the most fun thing is that you can design your own games. Each of game comes with online communities that always support you for help. But if want to get into the important thing, both Roblox and Minecraft are very different. These are five elements that you have to consider before you play Roblox VS Minecraft.

The Finalists

Roblox is the game that is suitable for your kids at the age 10 and above. The site that creates this game allows its users to upload and design their own games and also play a couple of other games in a multiplayer mode. Meanwhile, Minecraft is the game which is suitable for the kids at the age of 8 and above. This game is very suitable for players in order to create buildings and items by using a couple of great materials that they get from surroundings. The environment of this game is creation-focused, exploration and open-ended.

Round 1: Roblox Vs. Minecraft – Costs

Roblox is the type of game that allows you to play games and design a couple of buildings and items for free, but you have to subscribe if you want to do fun things such as create additional games, trade and buy weapons, and customize your avatar. The in-game currency of this game, Robux, can be bought but it is well recommended for you to sign up for the membership of entry-level. By doing this you can buy a lot of daily Robux, allow you manage a couple of more games, and eliminate ads. Meanwhile, Minecraft comes with an initial budget that is really high, but incremental fees can be collected by Roblox which can add up. The cost of Minecraft is about $27.00 for Mac and PC and after that, you can play it freely. However, if you get to the higher-level you have to pay more money.

Round 2: Roblox Vs. Minecraft – User-Friendliness

These two games are very challenging, but this is why both of these games are fun to play. Roblox provides two modes, creating and playing. For those of you who are interested in creating your own games, Roblox provides a couple of instructions and player community that will be helpful for you. It is a lot of fun to play games with other people but it can be difficult because this game is designed by the user. There are no instructions in Minecraft but this game offers three stages of difficulty. You will play this game through reading other content which has been created by a fan, watching videos from YouTube, experimentation, and exploration.

Round 3: Roblox Vs. Minecraft – Social Aspects

This is the huge benefit. Both of these game are multiplayer games. Roblox comes with social environment feature from the first time you sign on. You can also use the chatting feature which is the best part of this game. Meanwhile, Minecraft is more like solo play game. Both Roblox and Minecraft feature a couple of content which is generated by the user, with a lot of players such as adults and teens competing and contributing. With content which has been generated by the user, it is possible for your kids to get the strong language, violence, and sexually suggestive imagery. You can manage a couple of these features through the built-in controls of the game. Roblox provides a mode of safe-chat that can allow you block a couple of people and you can also report if there is a bad behavior. Meanwhile, the words that you say will not be restricted on Minecraft but you can ignore a couple of other players.

Round 4: Roblox Vs. Minecraft – Kids Exposure

Roblox and Minecraft come with a lot of online followings, so for those of you who have kids can search a couple of additional content from YouTube videos, wikis, or even Reddit forums that will help them to get mature topics when they are looking for a couple of information on the games. And also, users are allowed by Roblox in order to embed ads in their games, so in-game marketing will be encountered by kids. In both games, violence can be the main problem, but while games of Roblox that have been uploaded by the user will be more about disaster, explosion whilst Minecraft will be more of one-on one-combat even though it is pictured in the cartoonish method.

Round 5: Roblox Vs. Minecraft – Creativity and Learning

It is true that the rudiments of computer coding can be taught by both of these games, Lua programming language is used by Roblox, and Java is used by Minecraft, even though Minecraft comes with the edge in terms of being the game that should be educational for many people. Both of these games also offer collaboration, problem-solving, reasoning and thinking, and math skills. Both of these games use a couple of activities such as lesson plans of teachers, computer camps, and after-school classes as the there are a couple of abilities that you can get by interacting with a couple of other people and creating digital content which is important skills nowadays.


It is well recommended to sit with your kids while they learn to play and looking for a couple of online forums and videos that are related in order to search for which game is the perfect match for the interests, experience, and age of your kids, because both of these games come with Wild West nature. It is also important for you to know exactly what these games are all about because it will impact the life society of your kids at their school, and especially at home. Tell your kids to grab all of the positive benefits from these games.


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