Roblox Trading Guide

roblox trading guide

In case you wish to trade your limited items in order to make a profit or buy some cool items, you need to know how to trade in roblox There are two main things that you need before you can begin to trade:

  1. One or more Limited-U Roblox item. This can include a gear, face, hat or anything else.
  2. A current Builders Club subscription.

This means that having a BC membership along with at least one Limited-U item is enough to start trading on Roblox.

How to Trade Step by Step

You need to visit the profile of the player with whom you wish to trade. Once that is done, go to the top right corner and click on a button shaped like three dots. A menu will open. In case the privacy settings of the player do not prevent trading, there will be a “Trade Items” button that will appear now. Click on the button. Now, a new window will pop up, which is the trade window.

Yours as well as the other user’s inventory will get displayed in this window. Now you have to find some limited items in order to trade to them. You also have to find some limited items that you would like to get in the trade. Just move your mouse over the items in order to get more information about them. Now a button will appear on which you can click in order to add that item to the trade. Do note that you can keep a maximum of 4 items per user during each trade.

You may add Robux to your trade in order to even out the item values. This also allows you to add extra incentive to your items in order to allow the other party to accept the trade. To do this, go to the left of the trade window where the items in the trade have been displayed. There will be a text box below each set of items. It is the Robux box. Here you can type in the amount of Robux that you would want to give or receive. Do note that this will be in addition to the items of the trade.

Now you have completed all the steps as you have listed out the items and the amount of Robux that you would like to give and receive. Next, simply click the big green “Send Request” button. This will send your trade request to the other party.

Once this has been done, the other user can decide to accept or refuse your trade request. They may refuse if they do not like the items being offered by you. Or they may feel that what you offered is not of proper value. Also, the other user can give a counter offer on your trade. This means that even though the other user is not satisfied with your original request, but is ready to negotiate the deal. This can be by offering a different item or a different amount of Robux. They may even request you to give them different items or even more Robux.


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